PM Narendra Modi


During Emergency in India (1975-1977), Mr. Narendra Modi was made to go underground to prevent arrest. Modi traveled around India for two decades and visited numerous religious centers. Mr. Modi scored well within this aspect. Modi thinks that the government must do everything for the interest of the rise and development of folks who will then make the nation grow and is working on the same. Narendra Modi is an excellent follower of Swami Vivekanand. Narendra Modi became the very first Indian Prime Minister to set out on a bilateral trip to Nepal after a very long period of 17 years, to Australia after 28 years, to Fiji after 31 years and Seychelles after 34 years.

Modi said his development goals include increasing the range of skilled workers in the nation and growing the range of entrepreneurs. Modi has ever been a mighty dreamer. Modi should remember that he needs to be a secular leader as a way to stand a better likelihood of winning and for the country as a whole to genuinely progress. The dreamer Narendra Modi has said, ”I didn’t get a chance to die for the nation, but I’ve got a chance to live for the country.”

Exactly like Swami Vivekananda, Modi is additionally an excellent orator. Narendra Modi is quite tech-savvy. Narendra Modi has demonstrated a more aggressive means to cope with sensitive problems. He has made friends with the most significant leaders of the planet. Modi’s foreign policy is now focussed on improving relations with neighboring nations and receiving the world to put money into India. His international tours have brought in a good deal of investment with Japan investing in the very first bullet train in the nation.


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