The State of Sikkim has the most number of Nepalese inhabitants living in the area. They migrated to Sikkim throughout the formation of the state and after that went on to settle in Sikkim itself. The number of Nepalese people has outnumbered the original people of Sikkim. They follow their very own rules plus they also preach to their very own teachings. The religion followed by the Nepalese individuals is most frequently observed in this region. Not 1 or 2, but as much as 11 languages are spoken in this small mountain state. There are about 200 monasteries, churches, temples, gurudwaras, and mosques in this small state! The 2nd highest suspension bridge of India is made in the state of Sikkim.

The bridge is known as Singshore Bridge, and it’s 198 meters long with a depth of around 220 meters. The suspension bridge is beautiful, and it’s utilized to carry heavy loads in the vehicles, and the bridge ends at a hilltop. Lush vegetation supports the entire area, and one may get spellbound beauty from up there. Sikkim has a lot of natural springs that serve as a natural spa for individuals, and you may feel the amazement of getting spa in these hot springs. A few of the hot springs is Yamthang Hot Spring, Borong Hot Spring, Taram Hot Spring, etc.

The hot springs are best throughout the months of March to June, and you can’t miss the opportunity to see a hot spring throughout the season. One can visit Sikkim and take the delight to the full and that too for free. Since Sikkim marks the arrival of beauty, you can find a lot of exotic flowers that grow in the state of Sikkim. This leads to the International Flower Festival. It’s a unique festival which is celebrated in the entire state of Sikkim. This carnival is celebrated in the gardens where one may get a view of a higher number of flowers quickly.


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