Tourist attraction spots in India


India receives more than hundred million foreigners annually. Every Indian state has its uniqueness to display like The Taj Mahal, Kerala backwaters, Western Ghats and Wildlife. The Historical Indian monuments like Red Fort, The Taj Mahal, Victoria Memorial, Mahabodhi Temple, and The Golden Temple represent a rich past and legacy of India. Forts and Palaces of Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Udaipur, Jodhpur, and palaces of Mysore are the accurate reflections of India’s royalty. These majestic historic structures are most frequently vast complexes of large dimensions and are well kept. Beaches in India play a significant role to attract the tourist because of its pure beauty, blue ocean, and white sand. Backwater of Kerala and beaches of Goa are the most quoted destination among other seashore places. The thick and dark forest of Indian states provides a home to a broad and distinctive variety of animals. Indian lions, Royal Bengal Tigers, elephants, rhinoceros, India leopard and numerous species of birds and reptiles are significant attractions for tourist. ‘

One of the primary tourist attraction in India is the most beautiful beach of Palolem, situated in the South of the Goa region. This beach has all of it from incredible sea waves to an excellent selection of inexpensive yet tasty restaurants, numerous hotels, and a rather hectic nightlife. The Kerala state is the home of an imposing chain of lagoons, stretching parallel to the shore of the Arabian Sea. Here you can encounter hundreds of unique species of aquatic animals and plants, from crabs and frogs to otters and secular turtles. Dating back from the 2nd century, the Ajanta caves in Maharashtra represent monuments cut in the rock. The place languished into darkness through the hundreds of years until it was rediscovered in the nineteenth century. The Harmandir Sahib better goes under the name of the Golden Temple, being the number one attraction for tourist in the area of Amritsar. There are several other tourist attraction spots in India.


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