Port Blair


Port Blair is the largest city in the state of Andaman and Nicobar Island Group. It’s the capital of the state and is also the most modern city in the state. The city is situated in the south-east Andaman island and is essentially a shore city. It’s also the main point of entry in the state as it houses the most significant harbor and even the only airport in the state. The Port Blair Airport, also known as Veer Savarkar International Airport is about 2 km from the city and has frequent flights from Chennai and Kolkata. Both of these cities are also the two most modern cities of India which are the closest to Port Blair.

In the meantime, Port Blair is the center of politics in the state and is also the hub of commerce and trade, which when compared to the business and trade of other major cities in India, is very small. Nevertheless, the great thing is that even though they’re slow, but they’re steadily growing. To be precise, people living in the major metro cities in India will find the lives in Port Blair moving at a plodding pace. It seems that the city is still in 1960-70s. However, the great thing is that this fact also makes the city a perfect refuge from the chaos of the average daily life.

It’s an excellent destination to give the life a break that it urgently needs. On the old ground the city doesn’t have much to show of its good virtue. The city was named following a British lieutenant as a token of honor. Throughout the era of the British in India, the city served as the ground for imprisoning the Indian freedom fighters, since the geographic location of the city is in complete isolation from the rest of Indian mainland. It’s the city where exist the infamous Cellular Jail, also known as the Kala Pani. Many great people lost their lives in the cells of the jail while they were serving their lifelong imprisonment.

The bad reputation of the jail and the place was so big that even a few years after the independence of India, going to the city was considered taboo. Nevertheless, following the country’s Independence, as there flowed a clean air of change, so transformed the jail. Today, the infamous prison is the prime attraction of the city. It’s been turned into a fantastic museum, a monument of which the country takes pride. When within the city a visit to jail is worth it. In the meantime, try utilizing the Port Blair packages while exploring the city, as they might help in best exploring the city. Amongst most intriguing tourist spots in the island group, the Little Andaman Island also makes a must visit.


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