English Newspapers in India


1) The Times of India is owned by the Sahu Jain family. The Times Of India was founded on 3 Nov 1838 as The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce In Mumbai.

2) Hindustan Times is an Indian English language daily newspaper founded in 1924 with roots in the Indian independence movement of the period. Hindustan Times is the leading publication of HT Media Ltd. In 2018 the newspaper reported its circulation as being over one million per the Audit Bureau of Circulations, ranking it as the third largest daily English newspaper in India. Other secondary publications of Hindustan Times are Mint, Hindustan, Nandan, and Kadambani. Hindustan Times is owned by the KK Birla branch of the Birla family.

3) The Hindu is an Indian English language daily newspaper founded and continuously published in Chennai since 1878. Under the Audit Bureau of Circulations, it’s got a circulation of 1.2 million copies as of December 2018. The enterprise employed over 1, 600 workers and annual turnover reached $200 million in 2010 under the Indian Readership Survey 2010.

4) The Telegraph is a Kolkata based newspaper that started in 1982. In the eastern region of India, The Telegraph is the quickest growing newspaper. It publishes news on sports, business, education, politics, lifestyle, entertainment, etc. Ananda Bazar Patrika Limited, Kolkata own it. The Telegraph is also published from Guwahati, Siliguri, Jamshedpur, and Ranchi. The Telegraph has also presented a sixteen-page color section called T2 that’s mainly devoted to entertainment and lifestyle, which appears from Monday to Sunday.

5) The Deccan Chronicle is an Indian English language daily newspaper. It’s published in Hyderabad, India by Deccan Chronicle Holdings Limited. The newspapers name derives from the originating place Deccan regions of India. Other supplements by it are Television Guide, Sunday Chronicle, Chennai Chronicle, and Bengaluru Chronicle.


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