The capital of Karnataka is Bangalore. Karnataka was the part of the Maurya Empire in ancient India. For longtime kings of various dynasties ruled freely at Mysore, the main center of Karnataka. In 1947, the year of Indian Independence, king Jaya Chamarajendra Wadeyar decided to join the Indian Union on receiving the full support of his subjects. The native language of the people of Karnataka is Kannada. The other principal languages are English, Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi. People of Karnataka are involved with different occupations like Business, IT professionals, Engineers, Doctors, teachers, lawyers, journalists, film industries, etc. With old Mysore state, four Kannada based districts of Mumbai, two of Madras, 3 of Nizam and Kurg, the state of Karnataka was constituted. We can find Maharashtra to the north of Karnataka, Goa to the west, to south Kerala and Tamil Nadu and also to the east Andhra Pradesh. The Western Ghats has improved the beauty of Karnataka. Coequally attractive is the 320km long sea beach along the Arabian Sea throughout the west between Goa and Kerala. There are various beautiful sea beaches which attract tourists from different corners of the world.

Karnataka is famous for the sculpture and architectural design of trio temple Badami, Aihole and Pattadakal, built under the Chalukya Kings during the 6th-eighth century. Temples of a superb structural model of Somnathpur, Belur and Halebid, made by the Hoysala kings during the 11th-14th century and Gomoteswar, the worlds highest statue formed out of a single block of stone funded by the Ganga kings are the glories of Karnataka state. The museum city Bijapur in Karnataka bears the mark of middle ages Islam architecture. Karnataka has also developed as a modern industrial state. Furniture, sandalwood, oil, soap, talcum powder, and incense sticks are produced. These are widely valued throughout the world. Tourists also yearn for Bangalore silk. The main office and the main factory of Hindustan Machines Tools Limited are in Karnataka. Beautiful gardens, waterfalls, and wildlife sanctuaries attract tourists to a large extent. So that it’ll be not an exaggeration to say that Karnataka is a paradise for tourists. The Brindavan Garden of Mysore attracts a large number of tourists. The few intriguing tourists spot in Karnataka are Lalita Mahal, Palace, Jagmohan Palace or Jaya Chamrajendra Art Gallery, Chamrajendra Zoological Garden, Chamundi hill, etc. Bangalore is popular for its botanical garden Lalbagh, Summer Palace of Tipu, Bull Temple and Sree Gavi Gangadhareswar cave built by Kempe Gowda among other places.


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