India Gate


The India Gate lies in the facility of New Delhi, the capital of India. Edwin Lutyens In 1921 made it. This spot in Delhi honors the participants of the former British Indian Army that sacrificed their lives defending the Indian Realm in the Afghan Wars as well as World War.

After India obtained its freedom, India Gate came to be the site of Amar Jawan Jyoti -Indian Military’s Burial place of the Unknown Soldier. It is counted among the most prominent battle memorials in India.

The Temple of the Amar Jawan Jyoti is lighting since1971. The flame of the immortal warrior marks the burial place of the India Gate. The temple is made from black marble with a rifle positioned on its barrel. A soldier’s safety helmet crests this rifle. Words- “Amar Jawan” (Never-ceasing Warrior) is inscribed in gold on each face of the cenotaph which is positioned on an erection. The edifice has four lanterns on its four edges; these torches are kept to life.

This shrine of the India Gateway in Delhi was discovered on January 26, 1972, by the Prime Minister of India during that time- Indira Gandhi. Ever since it is typical for the President as well as the Head of state to pay homage at the site throughout State ceremonies. Even while visitors visit the country, they come here to visit the India Gate in Delhi India as well as pay homage at the site.


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