Konark Sun Temple


An Architecture Wonder of Eastern India, as well as an icon of India’s heritage, Konark Sun Temple, commonly called Konark, is located in the eastern state of Odisha (earlier known as Orissa), India and is also one of the famous tourist destinations. Konark houses a substantial holy place devoted to the Sun God. Words ‘Konark’ is a combination of two words ‘Kona’ as well as ‘Arka.’ ‘Kona’ suggests ‘Corner,’ as well as ‘Arka,’ suggests ‘Sun,’ so when integrates it becomes ‘Sun of the Corner.’ Konark Sun Temple is positioned on the northeastern edge of Puri as well as is dedicated to Sun God. Konark is also called Arka khetra. There are three images of the Sunlight God at three various sides of the holy place, positioned in proper instructions to capture the rays of the sun at early morning, noon as well as night.

Sun Holy Place of Konark, built in the center of 13th century, is a firm conception of artistic elegance and also design dexterity. King Narasimhadeva I, the great ruler of the Ganga empire, had built this holy place, with the assistance of 1200 craftsmen within 12 years (1243-1255 A.D.). Since the leader used to worship the Sunlight, the temple was taken into consideration as a chariot for the Sun God. Konark Holy place is designed in the kind of a gorgeously enhanced chariot installed on 24 wheels, each concerning 10 feet in diameter, as well as drawn by seven mighty steeds. It is genuinely challenging to understand, exactly how this huge temple, every inch-space of which was so incredibly sculpted, can have been finished within such a brief time. Whatever that might be, the Konark temple is even in its existing wrecked state, still a wonder to the entire world. Great poet Rabindranath Tagore said of Konark: “here the language of stone goes beyond the language of man.”

Around the base of the holy place, there are photos of pets, vegetation, warriors on horses, and various other intriguing structures. On the wall surfaces as well as roofing of the temple, attractive erotic numbers are carved. Sunlight holy place of Konark is a work of art of Orissa’s medieval design.

The Konark temple is commonly understood not just for its building greatness; however, additionally for the refinement and abundance of sculptural work. Konark is a unique mixture of beautiful holy place design, heritage, exotic beach as well as prominent natural charm. The massive structure of Konark Holy place seen today is, in fact, the entry of the first holy place. The principal holy place which preserved the presiding deity has fallen off and also just the remains can be seen. Even in its ruined state, it is a splendid holy place mirroring the mastermind of the designers that imagined and built it.

In spite of the decay over the centuries, the elegance of this monolith is still incredible. If you are seriously curious about design and also sculpture, then you should see this globe renowned monument.


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