Election Commission of India


Election Commission of India (ECI) is a constitutional body that was developed in 1950 to promote the democratic process in India. Headquarters are in New Delhi. It includes three members– a chief election commissioner and also two other commissioners– who are appointed by the Indian head of state for six-year terms and cannot be removed from office except by parliamentary impeachment. The ECI, hence virtually invulnerable to political impacts and scrupulously nonpartisan, is charged with conducting reasonable as well as organized elections.

The ECI monitors, guides, and manages the entire electoral process for elections to the national parliament, state legislatures, and also the federal head of state(President) and vice president. It prepares, keeps, and also updates the electoral roll; monitors the nomination of candidates; registers political parties as well as classify them on nationwide and also state levels; and checks election campaigns, including political fund-raising. It likewise facilitates media coverage, arranges polling cubicles, as well as looks after vote checking as well as the declaration of outcomes. The ECI is reliable and also crucial in matters of political elections– for instance, where the law is unclear– but its decisions can be challenged in courts of law.

The ECI runs through a secretariat with some 300 team member. Each state has a chief electoral officer with a core staff, and also civil officers take the obligations of political election authorities at the district and also constituency areas. During general elections, nonetheless, a massive group of momentary workers– approximately 5 million people– are deputized to carry out the polling. The ECI has taken on a number of steps to keep its operations relevant. Those efforts consist of using state-owned digital media for the parties political campaigning, inspecting the criminalization of national politics, computerizing electoral rolls and providing voter-identity cards, and also strictly adhering to a code of conduct that ensures justness for all parties and candidates.


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