Sectors of the Indian Economy

By M Tracy Hunter - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

From an economic perspective, there are three significant sectors of the Indian economy– the primary sector, the secondary sector, and the tertiary sector.

Primary Sector:

This sector of the Indian economy depends directly on natural resources to implement the different processes and produce the items. In India, farming is the most significant instance of the primary market. However, forestry and even fishing can also be cited as other examples of this particular sector. Professionals suggest that underemployment, as well as disguised unemployment, are the significant issues being experienced by the primary industry. In the first situation, the workers are not working to the very best of their capabilities, and in the second case, employees are there, yet they are not able to fulfill their real possibility.

Secondary Sector:

In the secondary market of the national economic climate, all-natural ingredients are used to produce product or services that are subsequently utilized for consumption. This industry can be considered as one that includes value to the services and products on offer. The significant instances of this sector are manufacturing as well as transporting.

Tertiary Industry:

Indian economy’s tertiary sector is additionally referred to as service sector that plays an essential duty in the growth of the other two markets. Like the secondary sector, it likewise supplies value enhancement for a product. It uses about 23 percent of the Indian workforce.


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