Central Vigilance Commission


Central Vigilance Commission is the pinnacle vigilance organization, free of control from any executive authority, keeping track of all vigilance activity under the Central Federal government and also advising numerous authorities in Central Federal government organizations in planning, executing, assessing and reforming their vigilance work. Vigilance means to ensure clean as well as prompt management action towards attaining performance as well as the efficiency of the workers, as the absence of Vigilance leads to squander, losses as well as financial decline. The CVC was set up by the Central government in February 1964 on the referrals of the Committee on Prevention of Corruption, supervised by Shri K. Santhanam. In 2003, the Parliament enacted CVC Act conferring statutory status on the CVC. Any Ministry/Department does not manage the CVC. It is an independent body which is only liable to the Parliament.

The CVC receives complaints on corruption or abuse of the workplace as well as to suggest ideal action. Following institutions, bodies, or a person can approach to CVC:

1) Central federal government
2) Lokpal.
3) Whistleblowers: A whistleblower is a person, that might be an employee of a business, or a federal government agency, or an outsider (like media, higher federal government officials, or authorities) disclosing information to the general public or some higher authority regarding any misdeed, which can be in the kind of fraud, corruption, and so on

CVC is not an examining body. The CVC either gets the investigation done via the CBI or with central vigilance officers (CVO) in government workplaces.
It is empowered to inquire into offenses declared to have been committed under the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988 by specific categories of public servants.
Its yearly report gives the details of the job done by the commission as well as indicate systemic failings which bring about corruption in government departments.
Improvements and also safety measures are additionally recommended in the report.


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