Hampi Karnataka


Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Positioned in the shadowed depth of hills and also valleys in the state of Karnataka, this place is a pure pleasure for visitors. It is bordered by 500 old monoliths, attractive temples, bustling street market, bastions, treasury building and captivating remains of Vijayanagar Empire. Hampi is an open museum with 100+ areas to check out as well as a much-loved way to see the city for its history.

Hampi was the center of the Vijayanagar empire around 1500 AD, and also by some accounts, the 2nd largest city in the world during that time. Over the next eras, it fell out of significance, and now you can explore the ruins of a lot of holy places and also various other frameworks expanded over a significant location. The terrain around Hampi is as strange as the ruins itself – boulders of different dimensions border the city, and also you can reach the top of them with a little initiative to get a spectacular view of the entire city and even the geography. It lies on the banks of the Tungabhadra River. Famous for its massive, beautifully carved temples, precisely the Virupaksha Holy place, devoted to the patron idol of the realm. You can also discover remains of the old aqueducts, canals, and even military barracks and stables right here. Hampi was announced as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1986, as well as many efforts,  have been taken to recover the lost splendor of the place.


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