Dadabhai Naoroji contribution

By Jehangir, Sorabji (1889) Representative Men of India. W.H. Allen and Co., Public Domain,

September 4, 2019, was the 194th birthday of Dadabhai Naoroji, the “Grand Old Man of India,” who was amongst the first leaders who raised nationwide awareness in the country. Born in 1825 at Navsari, in present-day Gujarat, Naoroji was a respected scholar with varied interests. His political job aside, Naoroji was a teacher of Gujarati, math, and all-natural philosophy, as well as also functioned as an entrepreneur. In his work ‘Poverty and UnBritish rule in India’ Dadabhai condemned British policies and clarified exactly how India was losing all its resources and ownerships. Naoroji left for England on June 27, 1855, to be a member of the production company of the mercantile Cama family. Naoroji tried to notify and teach the British public regarding their duties and also responsibilities. He tried to enlighten the British people about the torment and ruthlessness of the British Raj. To fight for the claims of Indians, he developed the East India Organization. Naoroji helped in developing the Indian National Congress as well as became its President three times. In 1883 he was again elected to the Bombay Municipal Council. His humility illustrated that he declined the title of “Sir” offered to Dadabhai by the British. The Shah of Iran wanted to sanctify him, but he rejected. In 1916 he returned to England however, became unwell. He started experiencing bronchitis. He was cared for by his granddaughters Mrs. Nargis and Gosi Captain. He returned to India in October. Dadabhai Naoroji left for heaven on June 30, 1917.


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