The Churches and Convents of Goa


Goa, well-known for its golden beaches, is likewise recognized for its catholic religious buildings throughout India. In spite of being the tiniest state of India, it has lots of things to provide to its site visitors. One of the primary magnificence of Goa is its Churches and Convents. They are spread all over in Old Goa. Like Maharashtra’s Vasai Ft that showcases the Portuguese heritage, the Portuguese style of art and design celebrate the past of Goa. The Old Goa was the center of the Portuguese Indies from 1565 and abandoned in 1760 as a result of malaria.

One of the most detailed group of churches and also cathedrals constructed throughout 16th to 17th century at Old Goa consist of the following: Basilica of Born Jesus, Se’ Sanctuary, Church of Woman of Rosary, Church and Convent of St. Francis of Assisi, Church of St. Augustine and Church of St. Catherine. These Churches and Convents stated as World Heritage Sites in 1986. The appeal of Goa is doubled by the presence of many ancient master items displayed on churches. Convents and churches in Goa have a terrific influence of Portuguese culture. Their design is a mix of Baroque and also Renaissance styles. Materials utilized for building and construction of these churches are generally lime plaster and also laterite.

Majority of paintings of these Churches are executed on wood borders. These are placed similar to flower designs which are utilized for decorating tomb and church of St. Xavier. Baring a couple of sculptures which are in stone, remainder all are made of timber as well as have exceptional carvings on them. There are additionally some excellent paints of Jesus, Mother Mary and also Saints which are used for decorating the churches.


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