Is Disadvantages of Urbanization Underrated?


Urbanization refers to the increasing number of people that live in city areas. It mostly results in the physical development of the metropolitan regions, be it straight or vertical. The United Nations has predicted that by 2050, it is anticipated that 64.1% of the developing globe respectively will be urbanized. Urbanization is carefully linked to innovation as well as industrialization. Urbanization is not merely a new sensation, but a rapid as well as the historic transformation of human social origins on a global scale, whereby rural culture is being rapidly changed primarily by cosmopolitan culture. Today, in Asia the cities of Dhaka, Karachi, Mumbai, Delhi, Manila, Seoul, and Beijing are each currently residence to over 20 million people, while the Pearl River Delta, Shanghai-Suzhou, as well as Tokyo, are forecast to approach or exceed 40 million individuals each within the coming years.

However, urbanization has its very own drawbacks. Because of urbanization, many individuals profit, yet not all get the chance, which causes those people doing illegal things like burglary, kidnapping, murder, and more. Thus, one can state that urbanization is partly behind the increasing criminal activity rates in large cities. Considering that many individuals move to cities, it causes a shortage of homes, which in turn creates growth of slums and also since, in these shantytowns, lots of people reside in small areas (which is unclean) it results in these individuals getting many diseases. Urbanization leads to a change of working populace from farming to service and industrial sectors as well as due to this there is a fall in farming which leads to falling in food manufacturing, which subsequently leads to the rising cost of living as there is more need and also less supply of food products. Metro cities, because of urbanization, are not prepared to deal with natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, tsunami. Also, if confronted with such mishaps, it can create a loss of both infrastructure and individuals. If the government is awake after that, it can eliminate the downsides of urbanization and also take gain from it to construct a much better country.


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