An Incredible Article About Treaty of Versailles


The Treaty of Versailles was a peace agreement among the six countries, France, Germany, Britain, Austria-Hungary, Japan, and the USA after World War I. The Treaty was made in 1919. Yet, the German federal government did not join it. Germany had the option between signing it or encountering the occupation of Germany by Allied soldiers. This was known as a diktat Frieden. This agitated the German people as they thought that they did not start the battle.

The French made the Treaty not favorable for the Germans to ensure that Germany would not have the ability to start a new battle. Thus, Germany had to minimize its militaries from 6 million to 100,000 men, as well as remove its submarines, army aircraft, and also the majority of their artillery, such as cannons. Their Navy battlewagons were restricted to only six small ones. Germany also needed to return French regions it had inhabited, along with significant territories of its very own to Poland, for example and all of its swarms. A massive cost-effective problem for Germany was to repay the enormous World war payments for the wrong done to the Allied countries, mostly France, during World War by German soldiers. This sum was not fixed. One hundred thirty-two billion gold marks had to be paid just as a first part of the German financial obligation. They just finished repaying this financial obligation in 2010.

This Treaty can be seen as a prejudiced peace diktat for Germany, a treaty which later was made use of as a reason for Germany’s nationalists and also Adolf Hitler to attempt to obtain the assistance of the Germans to eliminate the “chains of Versailles,” which lastly resulted in World War II. The Agreement made a League of Nations, which settled things after the Treaty was authorized. It resolved some international disputes without battle, but could not avoid the second world war.


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