The History of the Great Depression in Under 5 Minutes


The Great Depression was a time of terrific economic crisis throughout the 1930s. It began in the United States, however quickly spread throughout much of the world. Throughout this moment, many individuals were out of work, starving, and homeless. In the city, individuals would certainly stand in long lines at soup kitchens to obtain a snack. In the nation, farmers battled in the Midwest, where an exceptional drought transformed the soil into the dirt, causing massive black blizzard.

The Great Depression started with the collision of the stock exchange in October of 1929. Historians and also economists offer different causes for the Great Depression, including drought, overflow of goods, bank failings, supply speculation, as well as consumer financial obligation. Herbert Hoover was President of the United States when the Great Depression began. Lots of people criticized Hoover for the Great Depression. In 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt was chosen as the head of state. He guaranteed individuals of America a “New Deal.” The New Deal was a series of legislations, programs, and also federal government agencies passed to assist the country deal with the economic crisis. These laws put policies on the securities market, financial institutions, and even businesses. They aided to place people to work and also attempted to help house and feed the inadequate. Most of these regulations are still in place today, like the Social Security Act.

The Great Depression finished with the beginning of World War II. The wartime economic situation put many people back to function and filled up manufacturing facilities to capacity. The Great Depression left an enduring legacy in the United States. The New Deal substantially enhanced the role of the government in people’s everyday lives. Additionally, public jobs developed the framework of the country with the building of roads, colleges, bridges, parks, and airport terminals.

Root causes of the Great Depression:

1)The beginning of the Great Depression is usually taken into consideration by the Stock Market Crash of 1929. The marketplace collapsed from “over speculation.” This is when supplies become worth a lot greater than the actual worth of the firm. Individuals were buying stocks on credit from the financial institutions, yet the surge in the market wasn’t based on reality.

2)Farmers had been having a difficult time for much of the 1920s before the Great Depression started. With new machinery, farmers were growing extra plants than in the past. Nevertheless, this created prices to go down so much that they could not make any profit.

3)In the 1920s, there were lots of brand-new items offered like vehicles, cleaning types of equipment, and radios. Advertising and marketing convinced people that everyone could pay for these items by borrowing money. As a result, lots of people entered into financial debt acquiring products they could not pay for. When the economy went bad, several households could not make their repayments.

4)In the 1920s, the economy was expanding. Firms built new factories and also hired even more employees. Soon companies were making even more items than they can market. When the Great Depression started, the business had to give up employees and halt production. This harmed the whole economic climate.

5)Among the significant factors that brought about the Great depression was the failing of the financial system. In the very first few years of the Great Depression, over 10,000 banks failed. Many people lost their life savings. Some individuals went from being rich to having absolutely nothing. The US government did little at the time to aid the banks.

6)The whole globe economic climate was having a hard time at the time of the Great Depression. The US had loaned billions of dollars to its allies recuperating from World War I. As these nations had a hard time, they were unable to repay the US.


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