The Dark Side of Causes of World War II


1) The Treaty of Versailles ended World war between Germany as well as the Allied Powers. Since Germany had lost the battle, the treaty was extremely severe against Germany, which was forced to “accept the responsibility” of the battle damages endured by the Allies. The agreement required that Germany pay a considerable sum of cash called reparations. The problem with the agreement is that it left the German economy in ruins. Individuals were suffering, and also the government was in disorder.

2) In the duration before World War II, Japan was proliferating. Nevertheless, as an island country, they did not have the land or the natural resources to maintain their growth. Japan began to look to expand its realm to acquire new resources. They invaded Manchuria in 1931 and also China in 1937.

3) With the economic turbulence left behind by World War 1, some nations were taken control of by oppressors that formed capable fascist federal governments. These totalitarians wished to broaden their realms as well as were trying to find colonies to dominate. The first fascist federal government was Italy, which was ruled by the oppressor Mussolini. Italy got into and took control of Ethiopia in 1935. Adolf Hitler would later replicate Mussolini in his takeover of Germany. Another Fascist federal government was Spain, ruled by the tyrant Franco.

4) In Germany, Adolf Hitler, as well as the Nazi Party, rose to power. The Germans were desperate for a person to reverse their economy as well as restore their national pride. In 1934, Hitler was declared the “Fuhrer” (leader) and also came to be authoritarian of Germany. Hitler resented the limitations put on Germany by the Treaty of Versailles. While speaking about tranquility, Hitler started to rearm Germany. He allied Germany with Mussolini. Then Hitler sought to bring back Germany to power by expanding his realm. He initially took over Austria in 1938. When the League of Nations did not do anything to stop him, Hitler ended up being bolder and took control of Czechoslovakia in 1939.

5) After World War 1, the countries of Europe were tired and did not desire an additional battle. When countries such as Italy and Germany ended up being hostile and also started to annex their neighbours and strengthen up their armies, countries such as Britain and even France hoped to maintain tranquility with “appeasement.” This indicated that they tried to make Germany, as well as Hitler, pleased as opposed to attempting to stop him. They wished that by satisfying his needs, he would undoubtedly be completely satisfied as well as there wouldn’t be any war. Sadly, the plan of appeasement backfired. It only made Hitler bolder. It also offered him time to develop his army.

6) The period before the second world war was a time of great financial suffering throughout the globe called the Great Depression. Many individuals were out of the job and having a hard time to survive. This produced unstable governments as well as worldwide turmoil that assisted bring about the second world war.


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