The Surprising Truth About Suez Canal Crisis


The Suez Canal is a vital human-made waterway in Egypt. It unites the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea. This is necessary for ships taking a trip from Europe to and from the Middle East and India. French designer Ferdinand de Lesseps constructed the Suez Canal. It took over ten years and also an approximated one and a half million workers to finish. The canal was first opened up on November 17, 1869.

In 1954 Gamal Abdel Nasser took charge of Egypt. One of Nasser’s goals was to revive Egypt. He wanted to construct the Aswan Dam as a significant part of the enhancement. The USA and also the British had accepted lending Egypt the money for the Dam, yet then withdrew their financing because of Egypt’s military as well as political ties to the Soviet Union. Nasser was angry. To pay for the Aswan Dam, Nasser resolved to take control of the Suez Canal. It had been managed by the British to keep it open as well as free to all nations. Nasser confiscated the canal and was going to charge for passage to spend for the Aswan Dam. The British, the French, and also the Israelis all had issues with Nasser’s government at the time. They chose to use the canal as a factor to strike Egypt. They privately planned that Israel would undoubtedly assault and confiscate the channel. Then the French and also the British would go into as peacekeepers taking control of the canal.

The Americans were angry with the French as well as the British. At the same time, as the Suez Crisis, the Soviet Union was invading Hungary. The Soviet Union had likewise threatened to get in the Suez Situation on the side of the Egyptians. The USA wound up requiring the Israelis, the British, as well as the French to withdraw to stop conflict with the Soviet Union. One outcome of the Suez Dilemma was that the esteem of Great Britain was never the same again. It was apparent that the two world superpowers at the moment were the USA as well as the Soviet Union. This was the Cold War, and also, when something influenced the interests of the USA or the Soviet Union, they would get entailed and assert their power.


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