The Death of Sangam Age


The Sangam Age in South India is a milestone in her background. Words Sangam is the kind of the Sanskrit word Sangha, which means a team of individuals or an association. The Tamil Sangam was an alliance of poets and bards who grew in three various periods and various places under the patronage of the Pandyan kings. It is thought that the initial Sangam was gone to by gods and great sages, as well as its seat, Madurai. All the work of the very first Sangam have perished.

The seat of the 2nd Sangam was Kapatpuram, another resource of the Pandyas. It was gone to by numerous poets and generated a considerable mass of literary works, yet just Tolkappiyam (the early Tamil grammar) has made it through.

The seat of the third Sangam was the present Madurai. It has also created vast literary works, but just a fraction of it has survived. It is this fraction that makes up the extant body of Sangam literary works. The Age of the Sangam is the age to which the Sangam literary works belonged. The Sangam literature comprises a mine of info on life problems around the start of the Christian era.


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