7 Amazing Facts about Solar System


1) Mercury sits closest to the sunlight, but it’s not the hottest. Rather, Venus, the second closest planet to the sun, is the hottest. That’s because Venus has an unbelievably thick environment (100 times denser than the climate on Earth). When sunshine goes through this thick environment, it triggers the surface area of Venus to heat up.

2) There are rocks discovered on Earth that came straight from Mars. Researchers know this because they contain pockets of gas similar to the substances found on Mars. It’s understood these rocks landed here due to an asteroid striking mars and from a volcanic explosion on our bordering planet.

3) Our planet is composed of iron, oxygen, silicon, sulfur, magnesium, sodium, nickel, calcium, and lightweight aluminum. While every one of these aspects is discovered on other planets, they are just found in trace quantities. The majority of elements located on various other Earth are helium and also hydrogen. However, 90% of Earth is comprised of iron, oxygen, silicon, and magnesium.

4) Jupiter has a location known as the Great Red Spot, where a giant hurricane-like storm has been raving nonstop for 300 years. This storm has intense winds of around 270 miles per hour. The rainy Great Red Spot is over twice the dimension of Earth.

5) Neptune experiences wind speeds as rapid as 1,600 miles per hour!

6) Without the mass of gravity holding you down, your spine can expand to its complete ability in celestial spaces. Some people extend as long as 5 cm taller in space compared to on Earth.

7)The Karman Line, located approximately 62-miles above Earth, notes the technological beginning factor of space. If you could drive your automobile straight up right into the skies, you would certainly reach this mark in less than one hour– that’s less than some individuals go to work daily!


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