What Millenials Think About Indian Parliament


It is a well-documented fact that the millennial generation is significantly different in its thinking and outlook than the era before them. Unlike their moms and dads, millennials are not very bothered regarding building up substantial quantities of wealth or buying properties that would undoubtedly make specific financial security to the family members. They instead intend to stay in the moment, travel thoroughly, and eagerly anticipate retirement at an era much younger than the generation before them.

This stands real for countries worldwide, and leading thinkers, along with philosophers, have suggested that even more liberty to millennials will not cause chaos. Instead, it will empower the generation to adhere to and help them sculpt a system that remains in line with the altering times and aspirations.

Nirmala Sitharaman, the nation’s finance minister, took things to an all-new degree when she insisted confidently that the millennials’ option was to be condemned for the economic downslide that the nation is currently faced with. She talked about the sagging sales of cars and trucks and the proceeded downfall of its automobile market and preserved that millennials were not happy to commit to EMIs.

There are less than 7 MPs listed below the age of 38 in the Rajya Sabha, and among them is a nominated member. The minimum age for credentials as a member of the Rajya Sabha is 30 years. In the Lok Sabha, where the minimum age for qualification is 25 years, there are only 42 members below the age of 38 out of the overall strength of 545 participants.

Out of the full strength of 790 members, less than 50 are millennials. This suggests that regulations, policymaking, and critical decisions are being absorbed in a country with a bulk of millennial population by boomers, whose reasoning and perspective are inconsistent. As you turn back the background pages, the data indicate even more graver situations as the varieties of millennials in the parliament were even lower than what it is currently.


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