Let’s Be Honest: Nationalism Sucks


Nationalism– an enthusiastic investment in one’s nation over and above others– is not good. Here are some reasons why it sucks:

1) It motivates the sort of “us” vs. “them” mindset that drives sports fandom, making people crazily dedicated to one team. When the group wins, they feel triumphant as well as they take enjoyment in others’ defeat.

2) Selfishness, as well as a will to power– as opposed to principles, mutual advantage, or long-lasting security– ends up being the driving force of foreign policy. Damaged agreements, violence, indifference to suffering, and various other damages to nations and their individuals destabilize international politics.

3) It calls for that we decide who is and isn’t truly part of the country, urging exclusionary, prejudiced perspectives and plans towards any individual within our borders that is identified as part of “them.”.

4) A leader with a nationalist mandate will feel qualified to break the legislation of their nation. If the Constitution disrupts nationalist aspiration, then the Constitution can be interfered with.

5) A nationalist leader will undoubtedly need to lie and distort history to keep the impression of supremacy. A nationalist regime calls for a post-truth politics, making truths irrelevant in favor of emotional appeals.

6) Nationalist leaders attack and dis-empower any person who questions the patriotic program and try to damage social activities.


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