At least 80 eliminated in Myanmar as UN envoy calls for action


Records arised on 10th April, 2021, of greater than 80 killed in the latest bloodletting by Myanmar’s army, as the nation’s own Ambassador to the United Nations called for “strong activity” against the junta.

Myanmar has remained in turmoil since the armed forces ousted leader Aung San Suu Kyi in February, with protesters rejecting to submit to the junta and requiring a go back to freedom.

After over 2 months of armed forces rule, initiatives to verify fatalities and verify news of crackdowns have actually been substantially stopped by the junta’s throttling of mobile information– shunting a lot of the populace into an information blackout.

Details of a harsh suppression in the city of Bago, 65 kilometres northeast of Yangon took a complete day to arise, as homeowners informed of continued physical violence from the junta which pressed them to run away to nearby villages.

The Assistance Association of Political Prisoners-a local surveillance team monitoring fatalities- confirmed “over 80 anti-coup militants were eliminated by security forces in Bago on 9th April, 2021.

The junta has a much reduced number– 248, according to a spokesperson on Friday– and also has branded the sufferers as “fierce terrorist individuals”.

Despite the everyday bloodshed, protesters have continued to take to the streets, with demonstrators manifesting their unhappiness in pointedly innovative ways.


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