Affirmative action reduces poverty, claims Nobel Laureate Abhijit Banerjee


Prominent economics expert and also Nobel laureate Abjijit Banerjee has trashed the ideological background that asks for lesser or limited federal government interventions towards boosting the poor arguing that such free offers make the poor careless and lazy, stating there is no proof whatsoever showing so.

He stated his own research on the subject across varied economic situations in Asia, Africa as well as Latin America in the past years does not support this belief, rather it confirms that those that have taken advantage of public and non-governmental interventions wherein they were given free assets did in reality ended up being a lot more productive as well as imaginative.

Banerjee claimed there is no information and no empirical evidence anywhere to develop the ideological background that getting free offers or securing free assets make the inadequate individuals lazy.

This ideological background has actually been pushing succeeding governments to give much less to the poor to make sure that they do not end up being careless. Yet we have actually seen no evidence to this effect anywhere, not also in India, instead, we have seen improvements, he stated.

The economist also partly criticized those individuals hawking this ideology for the inadequate in India and also in other places as this has had successive federal governments leaving poverty reduction and various other socioeconomic impactful measures to non-profits and also private sector till the initial years of the new millennium when Manmohan Singh-led government unveiled the rural jobs guarantee plan (MNREGA). This and numerous other affirmative actions has lifted nearly tens of millions out of poverty.


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