Ocean Data Action Coalition: Transforming the way we take care of the ocean


There is now frustrating evidence that the future financial and ecological prosperity of the world depends upon a healthy and balanced ocean. At the same time, the scientific research is clear that we have actually pushed our planet, and specifically the sea, to the point where its ability to supply the lasting resources and value that individuals need is in threat.

The UN has proclaimed 2021-2030 as the Years of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development to guarantee that we have the expertise we require to repair and also recover the financial performance of the ocean. Fourteen countries have actually joined together in a High Level Panel to discover brand-new remedies for a sustainable blue economy.

In December, the 14 global leaders that comprise the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economic climate advanced a brand-new sea activity program underpinned by sustainably managing 100% of nationwide waters, ensuring the wellness and wealth of our sea for future generations. The transformative schedule mentioned taking advantage of ocean scientific research, innovation and also information as a vital priority, requiring activity to promote clear and open sharing and also ease of access of sea information.

Dramatic leaps onward in science and innovation mean we have extra information than ever before concerning the sea. The vital difficulty now is arranging as well as making sense of the new surge of sea information and also getting it right into the hands of individuals who require it to make decisions. To fix this difficulty, the Centre for the 4th Industrial Revolution– Ocean and its partners at the World Economic Forum, the Ocean Panel, Microsoft, REV Ocean, and the World Resources Institute have joined forces to introduce the Ocean Data Action Coalition (ODAC).

To release its work, ODAC is combining partners to execute a vision of a data-fuelled improvement in sea monitoring, in which a digitised ocean provides the common-ground to discover and test suggested plans for sustainable economic growth. We call this digitized ocean the “Ocean Avatar”.

ODAC already has started to construct the technological heart of the Ocean Avatar through the development of the Ocean Data Platform, powered by Cognite Data Fusion, and also managed collectively with Microsoft. The Ocean Data Platform is an open system that collects as well as visualizes ocean data. This platform will certainly create the bedrock of the enthusiastic Ocean Avatar– an online environment that incorporates and also thinks of a variety of information resources, to bring sea information right into knowledge and action, and also inevitably lasting ocean monitoring worldwide. This will create a fully digital depiction of the sea, helping transform sea information right into absorbable understanding as well as action for technology and sustainability.

The ocean is massive (1.35 billion kilometres), frequently changing as well as worldwide linked. While a big quantity of information for the ocean already exists, that knowledge is highly focused in a few areas. Much of the sea continues to be badly researched, and also lots of nations do not have the technical and also human capacity to collect, handle and also use ocean information.


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