Germany, US restore security cooperation amid host of international safety issues


The US and German defense chiefs sat down with each other in Berlin on Tuesday, at a time when pressure is rising on multiple fronts. Russian soldiers seem massing along Ukraine’s border. Israel is presumed of undermining an Iranian uranium enrichment facility. An Afghanistan withdrawal target date impends.

Easy solutions to these as well as various other worldwide security issues are in short supply, as well as the alliance remains divided over numerous of them. Yet both sides state they are dedicated to working together.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s visit, which is part of a four-stop tour of key allies, is one of a number of current meetings between Biden administration officials and European counterparts. They belong to an all-out diplomatic effort to reestablish the USA as a leader in managing global stability, and also to reassure anxious allies shaken by the previous Trump administration’s often prideful, bullying tone.

The US is also keen to push Germany on “combating the malign impact of our common strategic competitors”– an intimation to Russia, as well as a stress factor between the two sides.

Like Trump, Joe Biden opposes Nord Stream 2, an undersea gas pipeline that can increase Russian gas sales to Germany. Biden has called it a “bad deal” for Germany and also looks set to proceed a plan of permissions from the Trump age.

The German federal government protects the project as a commercial bargain divorced from geopolitics. The United States as well as many of Germany’s European allies state that is naive, and also worry that it threatens climate objectives and also jeopardizes both German and European security. They wish to cut off Russian state funds, which can fund saber-rattling near Ukraine and elsewhere.

From Berlin, Austin prepares to head to southern Germany, residence to the US armed force’s European as well as African Commands. Germany hosts one of the biggest contingents of US troops outside the United States, and their decades-long existence is broadly sustained for symbolic, security, and also economic factors. Biden’s order to stop as well as examine his predecessor’s decision to relocate as many as 12,000 soldiers out of Germany was met with widespread relief in Germany
A solid anti-war as well as anti-nuclear streak runs through German postwar history, which the ascendant ‘Greens’ are firmly attached to along with the Left party.

Hosting US soldiers indicates tolerating operations, such as drone strikes accomplished by US forces from German soil, that make numerous Greens party members deeply uneasy. The Greens are extensively helpful of NATO as well as trans-Atlantic relationships while asking for a nuclear-weapons-free Germany. That would certainly undo United States military preparation and also contradict NATO’s nuclear sharing plan.

The Greens are also cynical of Germany’s recurring role in Afghanistan. In March, Germany’s parliament, the Bundestag, voted to extend the country’s part in the NATO mission there. Most of the Greens parliamentary group voted against it or abstained.



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