India-Pakistan tension may escalate, warns US Intel report


India is most likely to react with military force to perceived or real Pakistani threats than in the past, the US intelligence community has actually told Congress in a record.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) in its Annual Threat Assessment report to the US Congress, said although a general war between India and Pakistan is unlikely but crisis in between the two are most likely to become much more intense, running the risk of an escalatory cycle.

“Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India is more likely than in the past to respond with military force to perceived or real Pakistani threats, and enhanced tensions increase the risk of clashes in between both nuclear-armed neighbors, with violent discontent in Kashmir or a militant attack in India being potential flash points,” it stated.

India as well as Pakistan are without high commissioners in each other’s capital since the relationships between the two countries nosedived after India took out the special status of Jammu and Kashmir as well as bifurcated the state right into two union territories in August 2019.

India has said it needs normal neighbourly relations with Pakistan in an environment without terror, hostility and also violence for which the obligation falls on Islamabad to create an environment without fear as well as hostility.


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