Government reduces price of remdesivir injection


On the intervention of the Government of India, the major manufacturers/marketers of ‘Remdesivir injection’ have reported reduction in Maximum Retail price (MRP), informed the Ministry of Chemical & Fertilizers on 17th April, 2021.

Spelling massive relief for lakhs of Covid-19 individuals, the federal government has actually lowered the rates of the ‘life-saver’ Remdesivir injection by virtually 50 per cent, to MRP Rs 2,450 per shot currently, according to official sources.

“Based on the Form-V relating to voluntary reduction in Maximum Market price of Remdesivir, Manufacturers/Marketers of the Remdesivir are thus routed to carry out the changed MRP throughout the circulation chain w.e.f. 15.04.2021, irrespective of the batch numbers,” the demanding notification said.

The decision came barely a day after a Maharashtra Lawyer Vinod Tiwari demanded that the Centre must right away bring Remdesivir under the DPCO routine in view of its alleged scarcity, blackmarketing as well as corruption to the tune of over Rs 25,000-crore as the injection is in substantial demand in recurring wave of Covid19.

Welcoming the Centre’s move, Barrister Tiwari stated that it is good that the federal government has actually understood the misery of the millions having a hard time to get Remdesivir and also are obliged to cough out big amounts from the black markets.


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