India ranks low on press freedom index


India has been listed under nations considered “negative” for journalism as well as is amongst the most harmful countries on the planet for reporters, according to Reporters Without Borders, which published the World Press Freedom Index, on Tuesday, April 20, 2021.

For the second consecutive year, India has ranked 142 amongst 180 countries on the Index.

Among India’s neighbours, Nepal’s rank is 106, Sri Lanka at 127, and Myanmar, prior to the army coup, features at 140. Nevertheless, Pakistan and also Bangladesh secured 145 and 152 ranks on the index, respectively.

Yet again, Norway, followed by Finland as well as Denmark, have actually arised on top, safeguarding the initial 3 places respectively. The Eastern African country Eritrea is at all-time low, ranked 180. Various other nations near the bottom are China (177 ), North Korea (179) and Turkmenistan (178 ).

It states, journalists are subjected to every kind of attack, including police violence against press reporters, ambushes by political protestors, and retributions initiated by criminal groups or corrupt officials

The coordinated hate campaigns waged on social media against journalists that dare to talk or discuss subjects that frustrate extremists are scary and include calls for the journalists concerned to be killed. The report has also highlighted throttling of freedom of speech on social media sites, and particularly mentioned that in India the “arbitrary nature of Twitter’s formulas” likewise caused ruthless censorship


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